My Biases

My Biases

This is the first entry in a blog I will be writing on geopolitics and the philosophies which underlie it. I’ve got a pretty massive passion for this sort of thing, and I can get carried away pretty easily so I thought I’d make my first post a short warning about what my own personal biases are.

I lean toward independence.

I don’t like laws, dictates, decrees, edicts, policies or anything else of the sort. I think fewer is better, simpler is better, fundamental is better. I’m also a proponent of iron law—few rules, but harsh punishments for their violation.

Not interested in multiculturalism

My opinion is that history shows us repeatedly that mixing identities into a mass without first assimilating them in some way—like, into a nation—causes fear, mistrust, dissent and violence. People continue to say that American is “nation of immigrants” and this is absolutely the case.

However, they keep putting the stress on “immigrants” where I think the stress belongs on “nation.” A republic with a constitution and elected representatives can be made of whomever you want, so long as they are all working toward similar goals.

Not religious

Your deity of choice will get a pounding on here at some point.

Only intellectually elitist

I don’t have any class affiliations; I’m from Canada, and such things are largely imaginary. I make my money cooking in a restaurant, so I mix with everyone from every layer. On the other hand, when class associations are proven irrelevant, other distinctions become very important.

The only thing I’ve really got (not being much for people skills and not being very attractive) is my brain and my ability to turn what’s inside into words—and even that, as you will see, doesn’t always work properly.

Not politically correct in the slightest

Yeah. Apologies in advance.

Rational empiricism

I tend to believe studies, not on the strength of just being studies, but on how many say the same thing and whether or not they agree with what I’ve witnessed myself. This is part of a larger commitment to reject moral and realistic subjectivism. That is, reality is a real thing, and your perception only shapes how you fit into it.

Or, solipsism is not a thing at all.


That’s me. Nice to meet you guys. Do me a favour, and read on. You can’t actually get a feel for any of this self-description without a little bit of context, right? Context, of course, supplies most of meaning, so come and help me out. Even make some suggestions about other biases I might need to add in.


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