Not A Race War

Discovered on Wednesday night, a livestreamed torture session of a young disabled white Trump supporter by a group of Black Lives Matter-aligned black teens could be the beginning of a race war.

(I will not embed the video here, but will provide a link.)

So what we’ve got is a group of black kids aligned with a black superiority movement tortured a mentally damaged white Trump supporter on a livestream broadcast on FaceBook. It’s okay to read that sentence a few times; there’s a lot there.

I’ll briefly explain what I think that all means, then I’ll try to extrapolate what might happen next.

Though no proof exists that Black Lives Matter had direct influence over these teenage aggressors, the epithets used and the focus of the action in question here makes this a grassroots sympathy movement; much alike to Muslim terrorists lashing out and ISIL later claiming credit—a notion I will expand on later.

Black kids feeling kinship with a black superiority social group isn’t that strange. Everyone wants to be on top of everyone else, and society has finite amounts of resources. Therefore, we form groups and strive to elevate our groups on the social hierarchy of whatever property we inhabit—be it a jungle, a city, or a nation.

But wait a moment, you say. Black superiority? Black Lives Matter, you say, is obviously, just from the name, an equality movement! You can go and look at my post, “Racism” for a more in-depth explanation for how I think about institutional racism (which, combined with the falsely depicted prevalence of police violence against blacks, is the supposed reason for the Black Lives Matter movement) but the key concept to come away with from it will be that all that sort of thing is completely impossible to prove or even assert.

Like militant feminism does for women, Black Lives Matter is just another persuasion mechanic which seeks to secure privilege and resources for a particular social group—in this case, black inhabitants of Western democracies—sometimes peacefully, and sometimes (as in the police assassinations in Dallas earlier in the year) through force.

For example, something as simple as asking for general leniency from police officers would be a privilege which is not extended to say, Chinese-Americans. Or Russian-Americans. Or Jewish-Americans. Or women in general. One of the main issues with “equality” is that there is no specific group with which to be “equal” to; each group, from “white” to “black” to Hispanics to Arabs to whoever else it happens to be is infinitely broken down to the individual, of which there are no two the same.

Black Lives Matter seeks privilege. It is therefore a superiority movement.

Attacking a mentally damaged Trump supporter—I saw at least one use of a knife-blade, and the victim being forced to drink toilet water (contents unknown)—is probably a fairly simple thing to explain. The weak are the easiest targets, and so a mentally damaged victim is extremely suitable for a group of teenagers who probably couldn’t countenance going after someone a bit stronger.

That the victim is mentally damaged does more to add pathos appeal to the story than it does add more layers of importance. It’s not as though they were trying to force the victim to deride the mentally disabled or anything of the type; rather, they were torturing this child to evoke anti-Trump and anti-white sentiment.

Therefore the most important part of the victim’s various affiliations are that he is pro-Trump, and white. What we can conclude from that is that this crime is obviously motivated by politics, no matter how informed and conscious of the fact that the four black aggressors were. In this case, whether or not they intended it, this is actually a terror attack.

As I said on my FaceBook feed, politically motivated atrocities only have two categorical definitions (which are actually the same, but one is less organised): war or terrorism.

I’m going to use a really strong example, here, but I do believe it is absolutely illustrative of the age within which we live. ISIL publishes on various social media sites their capture and execution of various enemy combatants and civilians which do not conform to Islam. In accordance with their faith and their beliefs, they treat those combatants much in the same way that these four BLM (Black Lives Matter) teenagers have treated their victim. The difference, of course, is severity. Our young white special needs victim is, thankfully, still alive, rather than bleeding out over a dirty floor somewhere in the Middle East.

However, he will bear both the mental and physical scars of torture and have to deal with the fact that his ordeal was broadcast to the entire world until his death. Permanence has been achieved—permanent damage to someone in order to further or point attention toward a political cause.

A group of black kids aligned with a black superiority movement tortured a mentally damaged white Trump supporter on a livestream broadcast on FaceBook.

Black Lives Matter has weaponised still further into a domestic terrorism group, in other words.

The significance of this must be recognised. Grassroots attacks are claimed by ISIL when they are done in the name of the Muslim God and against “the infidel,” which is anyone who isn’t doing things in the name of the Muslim God. Similarly, Black Lives Matter has just perpetrated an attack against what they view as someone who is not for their ideals.

Even that may not be true. Donald Trump isn’t a racist. The conflation of Trump enthusiasm and a fervent support for equal rights is completely legitimate and does not self-detonate with the sound of clashing ideology—it doesn’t make any sound. There is no overlap in terms of contradiction.

Similarly, it’s hard to imagine that many of ISIL’s various victims gave much thought to Islam at all at any point in their lives. Most people don’t sit around seething about other people’s ideologies because there’s no reward for that type of investment. You just get bitter and angry and tend to lose your job a lot, because what’s inside eventually makes its way to the outside and it’s right and proper to have no particular toleration for unreasoning hatred.

So what happens next?

So this’ll be pretty speculative. I wanna share kind of some of the situations I’m thinking about where racial tensions have escalated to violence, and I’m also gonna let you know right now that this isn’t anything like anything that’s been seen in America before.

This isn’t a reaction to Jim Crow. It’s not a reaction to racism. This is much simpler than that. It’s just straight-up racial tension, and backs up multiple well-credited studies as well as the viewpoint of many Right-leaning speakers and the many examples of history save a very few, like the Persian and Roman Imperiums which had both a monopoly on resources, information, and brutal justice systems which very much enforced compliance and identity.

The Roman Empire, it must be mentioned, only stopped having tensions once it had fully integrated newly conquered provinces. In regions like Germania, particularly leading up to the Teutoberg Forest debacle and Britannia with the rebel queen Boudica’s revolt, racial tensions were the focal point of the eventual disasters; Germania freed itself and never had Roman rule again while Britannia’s legions and population suffered massive loss of life.

Similarly, racial tensions sparked both World Wars, the Rwandan genocide, the entirety of South Africa’s disturbing history and several conflicts in East Asia—including the Nanking massacre by Japanese forces during the run-up to the Second World War.

What this torture of a white kid by a bunch of black kids should teach us could take years to fully roll out, but I’m going to make a couple of stabs at this.

The first thing is that racial tension happens because we make it happen. Not just whites (yes, I am white) but everybody. Whites did enslave blacks. Whites also enslaved whites, and browns, and reds, and whatever else, where all those cultures also enslaved whites and each other and everyone else. Slavery has been a worldwide phenomenon since there were people, right up until white people—mostly the British Empire and her colonies—abolished the practice and enforced it globally with severely punitive measures in the nineteenth century with the 1862 African Slave Trade Treaty Act, signed with the Americans who would shortly thereafter issue the Emancipation Proclamation, getting the momentum started for freeing slaves in the New World.

If you acknowledge slavery, you must also acknowledge all slavery, and that it was ended by white people. If this tension is still an existing item in the minds of blacks today, it is because they are sadly misinformed about the course of history; no slavery exists today except that which is consciously done by the federal government in the form of wage slavery and national debt through taxation.

Current-day black people react mostly to the concept of discrimination, from my observation. This is, of course, insane. The world isn’t fair, but nobody else sits around whining about being targeted as though the victim of some type of attempted genocide.

Donald Trump wasn’t elected because white people hate black people. Donald Trump doesn’t have a single policy which obviates negative race relations at all.

Donald Trump is an excuse to justify the aggressions of certain groups against other groups for a variety of reasons. A gross distortion of history through popular culture and shit-rate Western education is a factor; slavery did exist, and was indeed a gross violation of human rights as we know them now, but an incomplete understanding of the industry (and it was just another industry) causes massive amounts of resentment. The solution to this is an actual education, and also potentially some description of emotional support.

As a sidenote, I have a very Slavic/Germanic background myself, and I do not experience the sudden urge to torture Italians, Scandinavians, Muslims, Mongols or Huns on livestream regarding their depredations on my ancestors. For reference, the short form for “Slavic” is “slav.” What does that remind you of? There’s a reason.

These kids did have the urge to torture some poor mentally damaged white kid over his skin colour and race. Ignore the Trump stuff—it’s empty trash and completely insignificant. This is racial tension.

This isn’t the formative event, though. This isn’t Franz Ferdinand with a bullet in his neck in 1914.

This is, however, another link in the chain that gets us there.

The incident will further enflame racial tensions in the United States and across the West, because it would be absolutely idiotic to think that just after populist votes have succeeded both in the UK and in the USA, and with massive amounts of alien migrant workers flooding into various countries with welfare states, that these issues aren’t being analysed and cross-analysed by the entire population of those countries—particularly with the United States being such a massive symbol for Western culture.

Repeated and spreading incidents wouldn’t be anomalous.

I’m not willing to predict a race war yet—yet. A few more of these incidents, or incidents visited in exchange (anyone wanna put money on when we see our first lynching?) or as a consequence, and I might be willing to make that prediction. Many pundits (see @Cernovich on Twitter) are already predicting that a Second Civil War is inevitable in America because of the extremely divisive nature of the current political discourse. I’m not certain I agree with that, but I also see nothing that will abate the tensions, failing only that Donald Trump is somehow able to restart the American economy without its inevitable crash.

He can’t, though—the economy must collapse and that is going to create massive tensions, especially along existing fault lines.

Like race.


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