A young white male shot up a Mosque on Ste-La-Foye in Quebec earlier in the week. He turned out to be a 27-year-old male who is rooting for Marine La Pen in France, AfD in Germany, and was probably also a Donald Trump fan. I’m going to talk about why this is an abject failure on the kid’s part.

Here’s the main thing about right-wing movements, again. They are built on free market exchanges. Win-win situations, which automatically depend on force not being involved. Let me repeat that: they automatically depend on force not being involved.

The election of Trump, La Pen, and Petry as populist, right-wing movements are assertions that Western civilisation and the free market should prevail over the heavy-handed centrist secularism of the left. The left, which dictates redistribution and law through force of arms and force of verbal abuse—our never-ending game of “find the bigot.”

That’s why the left, in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, and why leftist movements in the West, need such overpoweringly strong propaganda devices. They cannot function in environments where opinions can be raised which differ from the state, because those opinions might prompt action, and action might require armed reaction. That would give the lie to the central government’s contention that everything is always fine as long as you leave it to the Kremlin, or the Fuhrer, or the Khmer Rouge, or whoever.

You cannot aggress against others if you actually follow and understand the principles which belie the right-wing movements led by Trump’s New Right, the AfD, or the Front Nationale. Win-win exchanges. Free speech for all. The best product makes the most money, the best speaker wins the debate, and the best idea wins the day.

For that to happen, products must all exist if they can exist. Speakers must all speak if they can be found to speak. And all ideas must be given attention if they can be attracted to your nation.

If. You. Suppress. Them. With. Gunfire. You. Are. Giving. Them. Primacy.

You are saying that you are scared. You are saying that they have managed to offend you where no offense should ever be possible, because you are confident that your own ideas are supreme or you would not support those ideas. If you’re so worried about Muslims taking over the world that you’re willing to kill them with a rifle while they kneel at prayer, you should probably consider becoming a Muslim. It’s clear that you view them as the most powerful and persuasive people around.

People don’t think like this, though. They think, “Oh dear. Look. Someone is different.” Not at all different from the dar-al’harb, or “realm of war,” which is the Islamic title for the worlds outside the dominion of sharia law—regions of chaos and disorder which must be brought unto God so he may sort them into the dar-al’Islam, or realm of Islam.

They do this, of course, by killing and conquering. For them, at least, there is no other option. This is what they’re told. They’re excused from sin, given virgins, and rewarded to attack and kill infidels and attack the dar-al’harb.

Imagine if your entire life, all your reading and all your experiences, told you that there was a class of people who were lesser than you. Much different from the world I grew up in, where I was the scum of the Earth; you know, white males are the trash which made slavery in the nineteenth century then decided to conquer the world, and so forth. Everyone else is better than me, but these Muslims? They’re the greatest. They are Mohammed’s disciples, and Allah’s children, and when you’re C-average and grew up while American bombs fell in the countryside, all Four Horsemen rode continuously, and no one is offering any counter-narratives?

Well, you get ISIL.

This kid who shot up a mosque while some people who probably are nothing like the above paragraph were probably just trying to get their obligations discharged while they were on their knees for a few minutes before dinner?

He’s ISIL, somehow. Somewhere along the line, the educated, rational, empirical principles that give Trump, La Pen, and Petry their power over their populations got lost, and he began to make imaginary friends that whispered into his ear that he should kill people to make the world better.

Kill a few people, and bring the world out of dar-al’harb and into the realm of whatever; white supremacy. Your twenty-eight words. Your whatever leftist shithole that he thinks will get him girls, or money, or power, or just enough drugs to make it to tomorrow.

Or maybe it was to stop his dad from hitting him. Or whatever violent, insane nonsense occurred in his life for his experiences to bring him to the point where he’s willing to employ the methods of a fundamentalist Islamist, who grew up as Allah’s child, where American bombs fell and the Horsemen rode and his countrymen were stacked by the side of the road like firewood.

He wanted to defend his civilisation?

The first step to defending your civilisation is to maintain your fucking civilisation. You must be the proponent of all the things which you espouse or you are naturally hypocritical. You cannot represent the Front Nationale, the AfD, or the New Right without understanding and representing those principles.

This kid? This Alexandre Bissonette? This twenty-seven year old who shot up a bunch of kneeling supplicants with an assault rifle? He’s at best a mental cripple, and at worst a complete traitor to every single movement which he supports.

Don’t worry. I have the answer. Let’s match him with his own brethren.

We send him straight to ISIL, and make sure they know what he did. Why, and how he did it, and to whom.

Then, as they’re cutting his head off on YouTube and he’s still not a Muslim, and knows it’s not going to convince anyone to give in to ISIL’s demands, he can finally be gifted with the comfort of enlightenment. The understanding that force solves nothing.


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