Lost Forever

Tonight, February 1st, 2017, shortly after the Canadians began to arrest people for hate speech, UC Berkeley campus erupted in flame. Rioters shot roman candles at windows, set fires, threw bricks threw (apparently) sections of fence. All because they believed that a Nazi, fascist speaker was coming to campus to preach the evil values of the President of the United States, Donald Trump. So they attacked. I am here to explain what is actually going on.

Rioters did indeed attack UC Berkeley. There was also a protest against the coming of speaker Milo Yiannopoulos, noted editor of Breitbart and whose flamboyant, fun rhetoric is aimed against the hard left (Black Lives Matter, feminism, Marxism and other regressive ideologies) and toward free speech.

Protest is fine. Nobody worries about that. We’re allowed. We’ve always been allowed, even in the West, even against government action much less a single visiting speaker. Of course, the protests are against a gay Jewish man who sleeps with black men and advocates free speech. The protests are because this man is obviously a Nazi fascist. Anyone with two seconds and a smartphone can figure out why those ideas don’t really work well together, and anyone with any amount of historical knowledge don’t even need the seconds or the smartphone.

Nevertheless, the Breitbart editor was forced to evacuate the premises upon an entire police fence being thrown by a large group of ANTIFA rioters through a window near which he was waiting to take the stage, reportedly.

What is ANTIFA? Well, you’re going to find this ironic. ANTIFA is just “anti-fascism” as a movement, mildly short-formed. I think that, in the coming days, it will be viewed as extremely ironic that ANTIFA activists acted precisely as the Brownshirts in the lead-up to Nazi Germany might have behaved when a Communist speaker arrived at a college campus.

You must be wondering why I’m so convinced that Milo isn’t a racist, a Nazi, or a fascist. You know, aside from him being a gay Jewish guy who sleeps with black men. Here is a movie of him being interviewed by Stefan Molyneux, and here is his response to tonight’s disturbance.

Take your own measure. I absolutely insist. Before you make this real, before you commend either side, before you even think about taking any side, go listen to this guy talk and ask yourself: am I listening to a fascist?

You’re going to answer no. You might be listening to a total anarchist, and you might be listening to a complete non-conformist, a totally insane Devil’s advocate, or any number of other descriptors—but it’s totally impossible to claim Milo Yiannopoulos is a fascist. Because he’s dying for you to have your right to claim your view, and as I’ve discussed before? That is just not a leftist stance, and only the left can be fascist.

This is a guy who defended the SNL writer who trashed Barron Trump, a ten-year-old boy, and advocated for that writer to get her job back because words don’t hurt; any words, ever.

This from a gay Jew who sleeps with black men. He thinks words don’t hurt. So what, exactly, is your excuse?

Here is a man with right-wing views who is willing to tour on the left coast; right through California, which upon their generally approved candidate losing the election, immediately began to review the procedural necessities which they would need to secede from the American union. In other words, Milo Yiannopoulos is a hero of this blog. This blog which claims that civilisation springs from discourse—that’s exactly what he’s trying to spread. He’s trying to get people to talk to each other about the things they are seeing in our world.

Were there protests? Of course there were. Protesting is amazing; dissent is everything. You’re allowed to disagree with free speech, being gay, and being Jewish, and being a Nazi, and being a fascist, and being a Trump supporter. That’s all totally fine, done cumulatively or individually, so long as it is done without aggression or violence and in agreement with the values which create the nation you are standing on and in.

Was there a riot? A riot where, reportedly, black-clad operatives in milk-soaked masks (it apparently neutralises tear gas) sprang out of the ranks of the protesters and broke barricades, cut zip-ties linking fence posts, and began to throw flagstones and bricks? Was there a riot which beat a man unconscious? Which peppersprayed a young woman giving an interview in a “Make American Great Again” hat? Which gang-beat another young woman in similar attire? Which smashed the windows and looted a Starbucks, then smashed a line of ATMS and looted them too?

Which is, even as I write this, calling themselves “Occupy Oakland” and tweeting about violent revolution? About dismantling the state and being ungovernable?

Yes there was. ANTIFA became a totalitarian terror movement on Wednesday night, February 1st, 2017, shortly after the Canadians began to arrest people for so-called “hate speech.”

What does this mean?

Not allowing Milo Yiannopoulos to speak anyway is a total failure on the part of the university, the city, and all security forces present, as well as Milo himself if he had any part in the withdrawal. I don’t mean that as an attack on Mr. Yiannopoulos’s character; if he’s not safe, he has to withdraw. But he leaves his cause burning in the same fires which the rioters have wrought, and I’m sure he’s thinking the same thing even as he records his address which I linked to above.

It doesn’t mean defeat. No doubt, Mr. Yiannopoulous will be back on the warpath in mere weeks. It’s a setback, though, and it has to start a person wondering if there aren’t elements of the population that simply cannot be reasoned with.

If that’s the case, we have to identify them and begin to observe them. Knowing your enemy—and anyone who abrogates discourse with violence is absolutely an enemy of this blog—is essential to their eventual neutralisation.


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