Today on #LetsMakeCanadaFunAgain, we’re going to talk about assimilation. Oh yes, we are. Cultural assimilation, I’m going to argue, is completely necessary while religious, identity, and other types of assimilation are not. I’m going to outline why I think this process has been massively mishandled by the West, and by Canada in particular.

So, let’s get to it.

I want you to imagine yourself running a business, with all the people you would normally have in that business. If you’ve ever been in the workforce, you know what I mean; my particular experience is in restaurants, and specifically kitchens.

You usually get a spread, in kitchens, that works a lot like any other random dispersion of people works. You get a few superstars who seem to be able to do anything and everything really really well, you get a few lowlifes who can’t seem to do anything well at all, and the rest sort of range in between.

Leadership is drawn from all three sections based on who the leadership above them likes the most, and so on and so forth. So how do you get this slew of people to buy into what you’re selling, so you can have a tidy restaurant in which everyone does their job?

You need values. You need your own culture, which doesn’t so much supersede the culture of the workers you hire, but maybe—in the best case—enhances their basic messages.

What do I mean by that? Well, a lot of religions are hierarchical. God is at the top, then his prophets, then you. Did you hear that? That was the sound of every single business (which, if you haven’t guessed yet, is a metaphor for “country”) you’ve ever heard of abruptly restructuring themselves into hierarchies because that’s what people recognise. In those few sentences, the seed of the left grows somewhere dark and extends its tendrils to every part of human life.

The seed of the right, of course, is rational and empirical and does not exist in the human mind except as either a product of reasoning or idealism. I have always speculated that this is one of the reasons why it is so hard for normal human beings to understand what a free-market dominated society would look like. Nothing like it has ever existed, except in glimpses in the United States of America. I have also imagined that this is why Communism is such a powerful force in the world. It works a lot like the extreme right wing should work… except it can never, will never quite get there—Communism’s basic fault is that it can only arise through force.

Another element? People are supposed to listen to the nominal prophets of the God. So you get propaganda! Priests! Sometimes nobles, if your business is being run by an Emperor—who is almost always either a secular God, or an actual God made flesh.

Of course Christians and Muslims and other faiths understand this. It’s slightly puzzling for other groups like Hindus and Buddhists whose religions have a lot more equality in terms of gods and mortals, but their societies also tend to have strict social castes, and so they still understand hierarchy.

Okay, so great! You have a way to organise your business that everyone both recognises and are likely to acquiesce to fairly willingly.

But now what? How likely is your business to succeed when God or his prophets have to tell everyone exactly what they should be doing every second of every minute of every hour? No matter how all-powerful, they’re gonna get tired of all that running around. So what you need is a culture which both organises people so that they’re not constantly trying to take control and do their own thing—you still need a profitable business and that means you can’t have people pulling in opposite directions—so you need to instill your workers with a sense of purpose.

Similarly, you have to give them a reason not to fight each other. Ignore their differences instead of fighting over them. After all, you can’t have white guys fighting black guys, or Arabs fighting Jews, or Communists fighting Libertarians… or whatever. It doesn’t matter what happens if either side wins; businesses run on a razor margin. Every single day needs to be profitable, peaceable and struggle-free, and a little foresight can often be too much, especially against the whims of the free market—or the shifting sands of history, which act much in the same way.

Well, let’s go back to our religion text. What happens to people who are bad? Why, they are exiled. Sometimes into the oblivion of non-rebirth. Sometimes to a fiery make with lots of torture and razorblades and things. Sometimes to be eaten by a massive serpent curled around the roots of a great tree. Sometimes to wander cold plains where dishonor is everlasting.

This is probably—maybe?—a reference to pack ostracism. That is, where particular members of a given pack or tribe could be excluded and exiled for counterproductive behaviour. That’s bad, in and of itself, but it also means you’re never going to get to breed. Your genetics end with you, and your genetics hate that; they only exist to make more of themselves, if the theory that propagation and proliferation are the basic instincts of all life is true.

So your business gets to threaten people. One particularly old business called Rome used to threaten people with being nailed spread-eagle to crosses, suspended in the air and left to die. Another business named Carthage also employed this threat. Chinese governments used gelding—where the genitalia is removed and one is forced into a slave caste—to turn dissidents into compliant eunuchs.

These days, we mostly just fire people. But in a money-based capitalist democracy, a lack of income means your death becomes enormously more likely. Food, shelter, water, sanitation, and other things necessary to continued existence are paid for with money, which one receives by gainful employment.

So part of assimilation—of creating your culture—is the threatening aspect. The stick, which needs a counterbalancing carrot. Getting to still be alive is rarely enough, after all.

Used to be, businesses facilitated the rise of a skilled labourer from the floor, to management, to owning the business itself. Similarly, that Rome business used to let people go from Legionary to General, or from commoner to equite, or from equite to Senator or Consul or Tribune or something of the sort.

The West used to allow social movement. Poor, to middle-class, to upper-class, to the insane heights of the one percent; it was all possible, but now a fading dream. Your business has to somehow promise this, now, but without actually allowing it to happen all that much. So, what you do is, you hide the fact that people are promoted largely because upper management personal likes them a lot rather than that person having any particular merits. How do you hide it? You create a huge, unreadable list of contradictory rules, and nitpick people you don’t like according to those rules while ignoring the faults of people you do like, whilst emphasising their good qualities.

Often, though, taken in perfect rationality, aside from your one or two superstars, and your one or two cannon fodder, everybody is basically the same. Your culture can’t acknowledge that, though, because rising through the ranks must be possible to keep everyone pulling.

So let’s look back. We have our business, populated mostly by C-average people, with a few uppers and a few lowers scattered around. We’ve got our Godly hierarchy. We’ve got our firing-based disincentives, and we’ve got our partially-imaginary incentives of advancement in the company. It doesn’t seem like it’s enough, though, does it? This is where assimilation comes in.

You have to somehow convince people that they want this stuff you’re offering more than they want what they got from their birthing and childhood environments. Rome did this by improving things, massively, when they arrived. Rome was civilisation. Rome had technology that increased agricultural output by four hundred percent. Rome patrolled the waters and wiped out slavers and pirates. Rome was civilisation, security, and happiness. It’s not hard to see why people would pony up their sons and daughters to serve in the Legions, or have Roman children, and thereby bind themselves to the state.

So let’s take an awkward shift back to the current day, in Canada, in 2017. It’s important to understand that we still do all that stuff that Rome did. Agricultural technology makes our output enormous. There are no pirates. We are not being enslaved. Everything is comfortable, provided, and all at the cost of a mild tax of living, so far as we can tell.

However, society is fragmenting. Racial tensions are heightening. People are being beaten and strangled for supporting particular political parties, or particular speakers, or particular proponents of particular philosophies. This is happening because cultural assimilation is beginning to break down. Our business is becoming unprofitable, and everyone can see it, because they have no take-home disposable income, no prospect of advancing, and if they get fired, well, there is a system called “welfare” which will preserve their lives anyway.

Over-top of all this, our central government and our priests have started to emphasise that we are not the same.

Every single time you see someone’s differences stressed as a reason to not worry about those differences, you can almost feel the tension ratcheting upward. There is a voice present in every human being which wonders why their priests have to say things like this to them if there’s nothing to worry about, isn’t there?

Isn’t it a self destructing argument anyway? We’re different… therefore we’re not different? It causes natural cognitive dissonance, confusion, and therefore distrust toward any named party.

If history has any lessons, it’s that states need to create cultures which make differences irrelevant. Actually irrelevant.

As Canadians watch the aftermath of the Quebec mosque shooting unfold, we are treated to nothing except stresses by our priest—propaganda—caste, the mainstream media, explain how sad it is that Muslims got shot up by non-Muslims, because non-Muslims are a barely restrained pack of animals howling at the gates of Muslim safety and civility at all times—it’s all nonsense. Just another symptom of a failing system, as cultural assimilation begins to break down and reveal the massive racial fault lines which have been the death of every Empire and every conglomerate before us.

It doesn’t matter which group they try to defend against whichever other group. The fact that we’re now down to finding identifiable groups to protect against other identifiable groups literally means that the Empire has already fallen. The cornerstones have crumbled, the foundation is rancid, and the entire superstructure is already in freefall, with the rocks below rushing upward at incredible speeds. Too fast for you to even take a breath.

You realise you need to breathe and can’t, though, every time Prime Minister Trudeau defends some or other identifiable group against some other group. Every time the media defends one group against another. Anytime they attack conservatives to defend liberals, attack whites to defend blacks, attack Christians to defend Muslims, they are taking part in our process of de-assimilation, where every group will eventually become its own castle, and then every sub-group, and then every neighbourhood or household.

We are watching, with our own eyes, the dissolution of our entire world whenever we watch identity politics in any way, shape or form.

So #LetsMakeCanadaFunAgain, and not do that. Let’s fight for free speech. Let’s let everyone talk. Let’s talk to everyone, and let them respond and rebut. Let’s make this fun again, instead of a laborious game of “find the bigot” or “find the victim” or “find the fascist.” If you have to work to find those people, they probably don’t actually exist.

#LetsMakeCanadaFunAgain, and let’s re-assimilate. Ignore the media. Ignore Trudeau. Listen to your own common sense, and make sure your business is profitable.


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