If there’s one good way to show everyone that you’re losing a fight, it’s to keep complaining about having to fight. Today we’re going to look at the relationship between the Trump administration and the liberal media.

I was watching CBC, today, while I was at the gym. Then I flicked over to another Canadian news channel; CTV, I think. The only thing they mentioned was how Trump’s “fine-tuned machine” kept attacking the media.

That was it. I watched for a solid forty-five minutes, and interspersed between the weather, some human and animal interest stories like a continuous, running, snot-nosed complaint by a tooth-grindingly mediocre human being (we all know them) who can’t let go of a grudge, these plastic, word-fed news anchors did their best imitation of impassivity and objectivity as they only told one side of the story.

I began to think to myself, this is the problem with the world. Are CTV and CBC going to publish their trustworthiness ratings, which are sitting at a historical low? Of course not. They’d lose viewers if they ever told you they were losing viewers—it’s against their interest. That’s the problem with mainstream media, as I mentioned in my last article. They are now entrenched. They have jobs and comfort.

People who are supposed to be pushing free speech can never be allowed to become institutionalised, because concrete economic circumstance removes your ability to adapt to the world around you.

If your castle can only be built on concrete, it behooves you to make sure there is always concrete. In days gone by, reporters were much freer to investigate and impassively transmit all information that crossed their desks.

Take a look at WikiLeaks. They’re all over the place. First they’re attacking Trump, then they’re attacking the Clintons, then they’re pointing out that the government of Russia is moving funds illegally, and so on and so forth.

WikiLeaks, property of Julian Assange, is some description of datamining organisation. They obtain information dumps from various sources and mine them for their contents, then publish the information. A classic whistleblower, Assange has been forced to hide in the Ecuadorian embassy in Great Britain.

That is an example of an actual free press. Assange himself was threatened by Hillary Clinton with a drone strike, and the Ecuadorian opposition in the next presidential election there is promising to remove Assange from the premises of its embassy in the United Kingdom. Such a move could very well wind up with Assange dead.

Can you picture Dan Rather, or Bob Costas or someone like that, today, revealing information on air which might put them in the same position as Assange? Of course you can’t. Their days of risk are done with—they’re old, comfortable men who have an established base of people who pay attention to them no matter the obviousness of their bias.

This is why constant turnover, especially in the reporting business, is a fantastic idea, and it’s something that we’re starting to see on the Internet.

The other problem that you should have is that this is a Canadian news source sitting around bitching about the American administration’s treatment of reporters of the liberal or mainstream media.

Can you smell the globalisation?

You can almost feel the mainstream media at large, which is mostly controlled by just a few billionaires, beginning to realise that the job of reporter and journalist is rapidly becoming an on-the-ground, grassroots type movement. If that movement ever becomes more popular than the mainstream media, the mainstream media would rapidly deplete. All that comfort would be lost, and all those jobs would go missing.

They’re not reporting on this because they’re unbiased. Even the Canadian media has an enormous interest in how this goes, because they know that they’ll be next.

Now what about the Trump administration? We know he keeps mentioning the media on Twitter, and he just addressed them in a couple of large-scale public talks; a press conference and a rally in Melbourne, Florida.

Couldn’t we say he’s losing the fight because he keeps addressing it? No, because Trump is actually the aggressive agent. He’s waging the war this way, and his moves are actually working. If you look at the current contents of the White House Press Corps, there are a lot of names you might recognise that are totally absent, and a bunch of names you wouldn’t recognise included.

The Trump administration is pushing the grassroots movement while its public face repeatedly attacks the mainstream, established media. As a result, Internet news sites are erupting all over the cyberspatial map, with Breitbart currently leading the way in terms of growth. President Trump isn’t stupid. He knows that one of the biggest concerns which people can actually grasp is the reliability of the media; the most visible aspect of his presidency.

He is pushing his agenda and he’s doing it in such a way that, by continually mentioning it in such a way as to belie their obvious discomfort and obsession and bias inherent to the situation, the mainstream media continue to facilitate their own demise.

So what will happen next?

The liberal media has already sold out. They’ll blow everything fighting this, and will probably lose—the judo hold the Trump administration has them in is a strong one.

Meanwhile, audience attention—especially among the young demographic who tend to get their information from the Internet anyway—will disperse across cyberspatial outlet.

It’s adapt or die time from the dinosaurs in the media, and I know which outcome my money’s on.


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