The Right “Radicalises”

Here’s the argument you’ll hear from the media: the right side of the political spectrum has begun to radicalise. The argument from me is that it is simply beginning to wake up.

This isn’t a weird position to take, because people are mostly centrist. They don’t vote specifically for ideologies. They vote for specific platform features. Most recently, here in Canada, a colossal error was apparently made when most of the population voted to legalise marijuana, but wound up with a majority Liberal government fronted by a pretty little liar.

The response, as the rapidly rising national debt coruscates across the economic skyline of Canada?

Today in Montreal, Canada saw the first marching legions of its very own, home-brewed far-right movement to combat the power and forces of the left.

A group known as La Meute, or the Wolf Pack, protested in front of the Montreal town hall and the scene very nearly turned violent as the far-right group clashed with what the mainstream media is calling, “opponents.” It also notes that police on the scene were instrumental in keeping the protest peaceful.

Normally, as we are often left after absorbing the mainstream media’s “news,” only the vaguest and most general facts can be acknowledged. As such, not much is known in this space about the Wolf Pack. The first I heard of them was today, when they were shown in a group in Montreal.

So it’s not strange for people to group up and protest things. This happens, particularly in recent history, all the time. The difference is legitimately the position of the media.

No, listen. An MSNBC anchor was caught live saying that they think their job is to control what people think.

This is not unlike, and I have made these parallels before, Nazi and Soviet propaganda. If you keep pushing the same narrative, in the same way, forever, you’re eventually going to sway the trend. Particularly if you’re saturation-level contaminants like our own mainstream media—that means that you can both control the supernal discourse and actually suppress alternate sources. Back when television and radio were the only access points people had, this was relatively easy to do.

The mainstream media has, obviously, always been very liberal, and that used to be sort of a good thing. Everyone can get behind social tolerance, peace not war and civil liberty. In the postwar years and into the sixties, things were getting sort of stagnant and opaquely military-industrial as the Cold War geared up and the Vietnam War started.

The mainstream media did a good thing in getting the Americans out of Vietnam; the Americans would have had to have levelled the entire country to root out the Communist insurgency, and China had already made it clear that any use of overwhelming force would merit a like response from their own forces. The recent Korean War had already proven that the Chinese were both willing and able to back up threats like that all by themselves, and that’s even without discussing the role the actual Soviet Union might play in such an escalation of conflict.

It’s not strange for people to protest. You could phrase the entire two decades from 1960 to 1980 has having been one huge protest, incorporating the Great Society, the hippie movement, the left winning political office after political office while Communism surged through the world. It left millions and millions dead in a denial of ancient political structures—class warfare, after all, has no clear definitions as to who the enemy is at any given moment.

(Humorously—or not—as wealth and ownership transfers naturally or violently, anyone in possession of any of it who also becomes successful then becomes the target of Communist oppression which leads to them being shot by a firing squad and the next guy winding up with that stuff… and so on, and so on.)

So no. It’s not strange for people to protest. It is made to look strange to protest against specific things, though, and this is where you wind up with problems. Alienating people against other people through controlled discourse and by suppressing other discourse means you wind up with two groups of people who have never seen each other before, and can’t figure out how to talk to each other.

I remember a really good quote from an Orson Scott Card novel called Ender’s Game, and it went something like, “If you can’t figure out what the other guy is saying, you can never be sure he isn’t trying to kill you.”

A lack of ability to empathise or communicate, in other words, is a constant cassius belli—Latin meaning a provocation to engage in war—for everyone involved.

This is why the left, in the view of the media, peacefully protests, while the right radicalises and has to be restrained from clashing. That’s why there are freedom fighters and terrorists. It’s a tight, terse, complex and inbred game of semantics meant to control the discourse and attempt to suppress voices which are counterproductive to your goals.

As I’ve said before, though, some things should be counterproductive to your goals. You can’t innovate in an echo chamber, right? How do you evolve your media and journalism business? Learn from others or adapt to others.

The results of the media not doing that is a trustworthiness polling lower than that of Congress, and four times lower than that of Donald Trump himself—who, apparently, despite all the clowning around, is working very hard to do what he promised to do during his campaign.

What the media tells us about the political process and what actually happens is what sparks radicalisation. You have to remember that even as recently as last election cycle, nobody really knew what Justin Trudeau was about. The boy kind of came out of nowhere, promised to legalise weed, and suddenly most of the independent-centrist population was bang alongside him.

The problem is turning out to be that he can’t figure out how to manage the economy, and his open-borders and welfare-trap anti-nationalist and socialist economic policies are past the point of accepting for many Canadians.

Le Meute was actually not a real force until very recently, when its numbers suddenly erupted to around 43’000 people, apparently.

If that’s true, I think I can explain it. There is a lot of right wing happening in the world today, as the new insurgent movement against the cloying, bureaucratic and systemic administration of the left begins to wane in power and will.

There is also the sudden realisation, from generation upon generation emerging from countless government schools and onto the Internet where the trolls, alternate media and international news are, that there are options other than the left as it exists in Canada.

Then you wind up with a combination of new information and viewpoints (everything rightward of socialism) a rough, but invigorating environment to exist in (Internet “bullying” versus your domesticated, forced-into-placidity, drugged-up governmental school experience) and a whole slew of new role models to look at.

Gone is Trudeau’s boyish grin and hair. Here is Marine Le Pen’s brutal rhetoric, delivered straight to Angela Merkel’s face, and unflinching as she stands in the centerpoint of EU power. (Francois Hollande, by the way, referenced as Merkel’s vice chancellor, is actually President of France.) There’s Donald Trump’s presidential victory despite having been a real, actual human being for his entire life rather than dully plodding along and conforming to the image of a statesman.

And rising is Maxime Bernier, marching toward both victory in the Progressive-Conservative Party leadership elections in May, who will provide Canadians with their very first hard contrast to what the typical administration of Canada has looked like since most of us—my generation and younger—were born.

The Always War is stirring, and we’re going to start seeing the opening salvos as the right sorts itself into something that can actually battle with the left after long decades of inertness. I don’t think words will be enough at this point, as we take a look across the pond and somewhat to the north and watch as Sweden slowly collapses into civil war and begins conscripting its young innocents in ways that hasn’t been done since the Americans in Vietnam.

Where’s the media on that, by the way?

They’re still telling you it’s because of Russia.


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