Eyes Wide and Hands Out

Hi, guys. I’m the author. I wrote this a few weeks ago when I noticed that the extreme Left was blowing up with mentions of “A Day Without Women.”

I wrote this immediately, but never published it because I was worried that it would come off as gendrist or sexist somehow. I also regretted never publishing it, because this is a blog about free speech and we don’t really care about stuff like that.

So what I’m going to do is post this anyway, but I’m going to add this preface; this caution.

The idea behind this article has nothing to do with women, in fact. This article could also be about men. Or Christians. Or Muslims. Or Mexicans. Or Germans. Or Native Americans. It’s not an argument against women; it’s an argument about categorical disengagement from society as a use of force against the whole of that society.

With that in mind, read on, and remember to think about things through that lens if you start to feel offended.


PS, Yes, I know it’s bad writing if you have to explain it. We all have rough days.


Hey, it’s #ADayWithoutWomen!

I don’t know exactly why. It has something to do with forcing us to appreciate the value of women in a society where they are both half the structure of a child’s upraising, and half the population.

If you’re interested, here are some other things that have effectively eliminated half the world’s population: the black plague, climate catastrophes, falling meteors, and in several small areas of the world, the First and Second World Wars where enormous amounts—sometimes all, in particular villages in England, France, and Germany—of the local male population were exported to foreign battlefields and then totally wiped out.

Albeit, these were accomplished on a rather more permanent basis, which I suppose shows the type of vague improvement that human society has made with #ADayWithoutWomen. We are less apt to actually eliminate half the population, and are more interested in demonstrating what that’d be like if we did. You know, pretending.

The difference is that in many of those cases, things were accidental. We don’t ask meteors to fall so we can demonstrate how much work we’re doing, and how much we should be appreciated for stopping the meteors from falling.

We can’t demonstrate that we’re actively preventing the black death from evolving into a supervirus, or preventing new viruses from reaching pandemic status because if the people who did collision astronomy or fought, detected, and warned about the weather or developed vaccines and research and other weapons with which to fight disease ever stopped for a day, there might be nobody left to appreciate all their hard work in its absence.

So what is #ADayWithoutWomen? It’s another alt-left usage of force against democratically elected governments, and another unfair and badly-thought-out penalty for groups of people who are completely blameless for whatever it is people (women, one would assume) are upset about in the execution of #ADayWithoutWomen.

Let’s get that first idea. It’s a use of force, by the alt-left. The first question you’re probably asking isn’t even “is that actually force, though?” It’s “what’s the alt-left?”

The same idea that went into the liberal media calling a bunch of random people “the alt-right” goes through the same thought process here on this blog. After all, if most people are reasonable, moral, upright, and basically voting for specific issues to improve their lives, some people are on the fringe and pushing ideology as a whole. The alt-left would include feminists, hardcore Communists, hippies, and so forth. It should, naturally, include Nazis and ethno-statism, but that’s the alt-right because people are generally confused and specifically wrong almost all the time about political ideologies.

Use of force. Right. Here we are again.

So, here are a bunch of fringe extremists pushing and persuading about their edgy ideology and it’s masquerading as some type of “equality” motion. That is, it’s meant to convince you that women should be equal to men because if women were gone, things would be half as good.

If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering, on #ADayWithoutWomen, if those who participate are simultaneously eschewing all things made by any other gender or description through human history. Because otherwise, you’re just proselytizing while laying about in the comfort and luxury of your home. Probably while privately hoping nobody fires you for absenteeism.

Because that’s just force. You’re just hurting people for a fringe political agenda, and those people include children, gays, and other constructs which aren’t men.

Is that to say we shouldn’t appreciate women? Course we should. How we do that is we, as men, individually ask the women in our lives how we can help them out today. Take her to dinner. Take her to a movie. Take her to a club or whatever it is she feels like doing today.

Yes, I’m saying that #WomensDay should be about the woman in your life. Whether that’s your mom, your sister, your daughter, your wife, your girlfriend, your best friend—I don’t care—nobody cares. That’s why there’s #ADayWithoutWomen. It’s because some people don’t get it—they’re still trying to force the government to appreciate women more, when that’s not how government works. Government eventually reflects the values of the polity, not the other way around.

The way to do this isn’t to petition people and go on strikes (political action), it’s to get your kids, other people’s kids, and everyone else watching while you treat women with respect. Your job is to engage in discourse and persuade people that women are worth respecting, if you feel like that’s an issue today.

And that’s the other thing. You shouldn’t confuse ignorance for malice, and you shouldn’t collate a lack of free speech with an inability to perform it. Women could talk to men more. Men could talk to women more. Things could get better, and closer together, and people who don’t even realise they’re doing things wrong could be educated so, so easily.

We’re not doing that, though, today. Today, we’re watching the farcical drama of #ADayWithoutWomen, certain to be effectless and unremembered by anyone, save for made-up outrage and artificial disaster.


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