Syrian Success?

So let’s talk about our incredible successes waging wars of conquest in the Middle-East, here in the modern era. We went in in 2001, 2003 and 2011, and have been funding a low-level proxy war in Syria since 2014 to astonishingly positive effect.

Today in 2017, on the hundred-year anniversary of the United States entering the First World War, we have ahead of us another chance for glory!

We’ve managed to kill maybe four million Muslims since 1990, and that’s no accident. Whenever I think of the thousands of troops and trillions of dollars we’ve spent to accomplish that feat, I glow. After all, the tremendous loss of innocent life has been so constructive for the Empire. Did I say Empire? Ignore that part. We are, in fact, here in the West, constitutional democratic republics.

That’s why… that’s why we… um, follow all the laws… regarding…

Okay, so we don’t do that either. We’re an oligarchy when things actually matter. But that’s okay! At least we’re defeating our enemies! Enemies, as we all know, are the type of people who resist us bringing the world together in peaceful bondage with ties made of economics and Ethernet cables.

So if the only people who might qualify as enemies are a bunch of radical bearded men who run about snipping Ethernet cables away with scissors and absolutely refusing to have an economy at all, because it’s against their religion, we’ve exactly described Syria, haven’t we? Problem solved.

… Nope, Syria is actually fighting those types of people as they try to take over a region called the Levant. You might have heard of them; they have a black flag, livestream mass and public executions, and call themselves, “ISIL.”

So why are we bombing people who are fighting those people?

Well, it’s because the Syrian regime, for absolutely no reason at all, has suddenly decided to chemically attack its own citizens, in its own country, for its own reasons, while simultaneously denying it and being supported by the other combatant in the Syrian proxy war: Russia.

If you get that old, familiar feeling about the Russians, well, apparently you’re not alone. Someone wants to pick a fight, and it’s probably whoever pulled the trigger on those missile strikes.

It’s really the only thing you can dig out of all this that was even worth the trouble. Take it from a globalist’s point of view, even. Often, we hear globalists say that we can’t control terrorism or people being raped and murdered in our cities, so we might as well invite in all the refugees we can and do some good for our mutual world.

So what makes them think that bombing Syria is going to stop the Syrians from killing their own people in a myriad awful ways? I thought we just said that nothing can stop atrocity—there’s obviously no reason to bother with force or disincentive, is there?

Listen, the reason that the statistics for rape and murder jump in places like France, Germany, and Sweden is because of incoming migrants (and there I’ve linked a sample study) which are the result of Libya having been destroyed by the Obama administration. This is because rape and assorted lawlessness is commonplace to people who are incoming as a natural defense against a feeling of unfamiliarity and general culture shock.

That’s not an excuse, and it’s not racism. It’s observable fact: this is happening,

But why? Well, I’m only an amateur with history, and am by no means even an initiate in psychiatry or anthropology, but I will say this: aside from the Mongols and Crusaders, which were external invasions like the West suffered with the Vikings in the Dark Ages, the Islamic world has never moved past its initial stages of civil rights developments.

That’s right. I’m saying that cultural progression halted somewhere in Islam. It’s not that Muslims indigenous to the Middle-East or North Africa are strange, or stupid, or even much different. It’s that they didn’t do all the things that the West did to disincentivize crimes like rape and sexual assault.

Let’s start with Jesus Christ saying that his people should “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”. Just like that, religion and secular government have been divided. We followed with the Reformation, which allowed people to read and talk about the Bible in ways which broke the faith into a thousand different interpretations, and a lot of them thought that murder and rape weren’t okay.

I hear you wondering if the two or three divides in Islam don’t do the same thing. Well, no. Observably, and we can tell because they divided into two sides and have been slaughtering one another ever since, that it did not. The endgame of the Reformation was to sort of mute the intensity with which people slaughtered one another in God’s name. No, it didn’t immediately end it, but change is always gradual. The kernel events have to happen, and then you have to wait about five hundred years.

Plus, the Sunni and Shia divide has nothing to do with civil liberty or universal suffrage or female rights or anything like that. It has to do with hot-heated Ali versus calm, collected Abu Bakr. Basically, it’s a never-ending succession crisis that Mohammed didn’t bother to clean up before riding off into the heavens. They aren’t arguing morality: to them, God dictates morality through the Qoran. Remember, there is only one God, and Mohammed is his prophet.

After the Reformation caused a thousand fracturing schools of Christian religious thought to contend with secular governments and science, governments and science promptly swept religion off the field like dust across the face of a hurricane.

This allowed, in rapid succession, the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. All these things did change the way we think about morality and civil liberty. From the Magna Carta all the way to the recent ruling on the rights for gays to marry, the change has never really ended—all arguably because Jesus told his followers they might as well pay taxes to Caesar Augustus so he’d stop killing them. Then something about old philosophers in togas.

So what I’m saying is that the Islamic world remains in the same state of civil development that the Western world was involved in (but is rapidly returning to) in the early Middle Ages. It doesn’t help that Islam emerged in the absence of Greco-Roman skepticism and rationality, near Mecca in what is now Saudi Arabia. If you don’t think that’s such a big deal, try having fifteen hundred years’ worth of annoying nitpicky academics in togas poking holes in your existence and see if you even believe in yourself when they’re done. I mean, most people fold up when it’s just the cool kids pointing and laughing. Imagine if it was Archimedes or Aristotle?

No, Islam was never subjected to the gradual erosion and constant reinterpretation that Western Greco-Roman-Judaean values tend to visit on everything and everyone. Because of this, you actually can’t, like atheists always try to, compare Leviticus and whoever else from the Bible with the majority of the Qoran because Muslims tend to still fundamentally believe in the Qoran. The Bible, on the other hand, is a big ol’ joke, most of the time.

Some proofs? You can see Jesus Christ in popular culture, where even a comic reproduction of Mohammed was recently met with a homicidal attack in France during the Charlie Hebdo incident.

Basically Muslims haven’t changed in any way since the Middle Ages, except technologically. Women are still treated like property, life is cheap, and the feudal monarchies are excessively corrupt. There are no free markets, there is no real domestic economy. Just an oil trade.

Do we seriously think murdering more Muslims with bigger guns from farther away is going to trigger the Reformation? The Enlightenment? Lockean property reforms?

Muslims aren’t going to stop dying until they decide to value human life. They don’t have to do that the Western way. It isn’t in the slightest what I meant by all of this. I’m just saying what we went through as a civilisation.

You know what the cost of the Reformation was? Reportedly, half the population of Germany. The Enlightenment left us with Napoleon and the French Revolution. The Industrial Revolution? The First and Second World Wars, which wiped the Ottoman Empire off the map almost by accident and may have set the Muslim world back another series of steps.

See? Even we don’t value human life, so who are we to try to bully other people about what they do to each other?


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