US-Jordan Invasion — Not!

A few days after a series of missile strikes either hit al-Shayrat airfield or were intercepted by Russian counter-fire, reports have begun to flood into public discourse that the United States has invaded Syria.

Around 6:35pm, Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec), Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich), and Sarah Abdallah (@sahouraxo) all began to report on their Twitter feeds that roughly twenty US Army vehicles had crossed over into Syria from Jordan.

Ms. Abdallah also cites reports that Israeli fighters were in the air over Israel.

Posobiec also reported that the King of Jordan and United States President Donald Trump had already discussed sponsoring and aiding an invasion force consisting of Kurdish and Sunni Muslim forces into Syria.

Posobiec says that these forces were meant to establish safezones, originally.

With regards to the movement of the United States armour and Israeli fighter craft, though, nothing has been confirmed for certain in terms of their mission, operational standards, or accompanying forces.

There is a vague legal cover for such a movie under the UN Charter, an addendum added in response to the Rwanda genocide known as the “Responsibility To Protect.”

The Responsibility To Protect is a proviso in UN Charter law which allows UN-sanctioned forces to move into a combat zone if they detect human rights violations occurring even within sovereign borders.

To this point, the Responsibility To Protect has been more abused than used, and it depends heavily both on a unanimous Security Council vote, and very specific, limited, and human-rights oriented objectives.

I should mention, on a personal note, that I’m certainly not saying that the Americans will actually use that handy “legal” clause (as international law remains more a suggestion than an enforceable reality) but that they could if they wanted to.

Naturally, in the modern age and in past administrations, it has been more the American trend to simply thump their chests and continue to practice their brutal Wilsonian “democracy.”


Turned out to be falsely reported. American forces did move across the border, but it was into a safe zone to de-escalate after repelling an ISIS attack earlier in the day.


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