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When does tolerance become surrender?

Does that sound sort of extreme?

I agree! It does sound extreme, but these are the actual questions that we’re faced with in our day and age. As massive, massive numbers of migrants from north Africa and other Muslim countries pour unabated into the West, it’s a question we have to start asking ourselves right now.

When I say massive numbers, I mean 1.2 to 1.3 million migrants are supposed to have come into the EU just in 2015, and I haven’t seen any numbers for 2016 to the present day, yet.

If you’re wondering, given the seven billion inhabitants on Earth, if that can be qualified as “lots,” then keep in mind that the army which captured France in May 1940 was 4.5 million men strong, but they also had a casualty rate where migrants don’t. Migrants are able to hold territory without being killed by French defences, which helps their efforts quite a bit.

That’s kind of what I mean by tolerance becoming surrender.

If you haven’t heard of this yet, it’s probably going to be a bit of a shock. I recommend sitting back, relaxing as you read this, then immediately going to do as much research into Sweden, Germany, and France as you can. The keyword? No-go Zone.

There’s a lot of propaganda out there right now about No-Go Zones, but they boil down to this: a no-go zone is a place in a country which no longer obeys the laws of that country. Police can’t go there for fear of violence erupting, and therefore no laws are enforceable except those laws which the locals seek to enforce. Through history, a lot of those areas were just bandit hideouts along highways and things of that nature, but today?

Well, they are areas where the culture of the inhabitants has supplanted that of the country they are within.

Let’s take a look at a few things going on in Germany, specifically.

First, there is an escalating rape crisis. Rape is not a Western value, no matter what your silly feminist friends have told you. There is no rape crisis on University campuses. There is no rape crisis anywhere except in places where the migrants are starting to pile up, as all studies show that rape rates are in line with crime rates across races globally.

A lot of people point out the gross number of rapes in the United States, forgetting entirely that it is both the best-regulated nation (which means every legally registered complaint is counted, and most of them are registered) and among the highest-populated nations on the planet. It’s a bad mix for negative statistics, and of course, the United States is by no means a culturally or ethnically homogenous population. The divisions within it are imbalanced in terms of crime rates. Otherwise, a lot of the nations with the highest rape rates are located in Africa.

This conforms to entry six on this handy list of the tenets of…? You guessed it: Sharia law, the average migrant’s mainly-held religion.

Tenet six, in case you’re too lazy to click over, goes like this: Gender Inequality: Sharia explicitly relegates women to a status inferior to men.

Here is the reason why. In Islam, unmarried women who have sex are prostitutes. One of the reasons rape-rates might skyrocket in connection with an influx of Muslim immigrants is the contention that unmarried women are all “fair game,” as the article mentions.

Are we to tolerate that, here in the West? Should we? We’re back to that question. When does tolerance mean surrender? Are we to surrender our women over to the whim of Muslim migrants because they don’t know any better?

I think our women have rights. Don’t you?

Interestingly, Germany continues to come up with interesting ways to try to stop Muslim migrants from raping its women. Quite aside from the problems that descend from Muslims simply not considering such behaviour rape, the question becomes how do we try to serve both cultures?

Well, as it turns out, the idea is to become other cultures. Here’s an idea for a new chastity belt, which we left behind in the middle ages. And here is a German woman wearing a Muslim headdress in order to try to fool Muslims into thinking that German women are  civilised after all, and therefore shouldn’t be raped. 

There’s even talk of segregating the genders on trains. Although, to be fair, this is just the one railway. 

And in case you somehow manage to still believe mainstream media after Mike Cernovich destroyed Scott Pelley on live television, here is 60 Minutes being attacked in a refugee camp. 

So all this adds up to our pseudo-philosophical question of the day.

When does tolerance become surrender? Well, immediately. See, the thing about tolerance is that it requires the person who does the tolerating to not change. You’re not tolerating things if you change to incorporate them. You are becoming things.

Now you might feel misled by all this talk of surrender, but that’s just a point of view question. It depends on each person. If a German woman walks past a mildly-radicalised Muslim, just for an instance, she will appear to have “surrendered” to his whim, where he represents an entire religion.

She didn’t of course, and he can’t really reasonably claim a victory there, but that’s sort of how people work anyway.

So we’re not really viewing “tolerance” in society, nor are we looking at “surrendering” on a personal level. What we’re doing is letting our societal tolerance and fear of the negative consequences of another culture slowly convert us into something that is neither us, nor them.

Time will tell if it’s a good or bad thing in the long run, but the initial rape statistics, elevating crime, political violence and economic collapse don’t seem particularly promising.


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