ANTIFA Defeated?

There was a great big celebration in the birthplace of free speech. Berkeley University managed to avoid a Fifth Battle for Berkeley, and ostentatiously reaffirmed its history. Even though noted columnist Ann Coulter never made it to the campus to deliver her speech, a bunch of young populists and nationalists took the baton from her possibly-disinterested hand and executed on the event anyway.

This is in no way, of course, a shot at Ms. Coulter. Ann Coulter happens to be one of my favourite people on Earth. However, the last thing you can say about Ms. Coulter is that she’s a willing physical combatant. She’s not in her twenties, she’s not interested in exchanging fists with ANTIFA goons, and she probably doesn’t particularly feel like spending a night in a prison cell or in the hospital, which are all possibilities in the face of massed leftist violence.

Ms. Coulter, of course, endures more personal abuse probably than anyone else on Earth aside from the few militant dictators left in positions of power. She’s been stomping through the liberal media like a armoured division with an attitude problem for decades, and it’s not really acceptable to refer to her as being faint-hearted.

So with prudence as the better part of valour, and as the support of her allies and lawyers was withdrawn a few days before her speech, it really shouldn’t shock anyone that Ms. Coulter took position off-shore and started lobbing rhetorical shells from liberal and social media outlets.

Rather than, for example, heading down to Berkeley anyway to face ANTIFA all by herself. You can see her position; even though she must have realised a few supporters were inbound to help if she chose to show, and even though she had said she would perform the speech regardless, the risks stacked up while the benefits and protections drained away.

There was a brief moment of triumph for ANTIFA before what I’m starting to think of as “the usual gang” showed up to do the event anyway.

Most of them are veterans of prior run-ins with ANTIFA. Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern), Gavin McInnis (@Gavin_McInnis), Brittany Pettibone (@BrittPettibone), and a group of other populists and nationalists appeared.

Mr. McInnis, having acquired Ms. Coulter’s speech, apparently read it out to terminate the event.

In between them showing up, and them leaving, nothing happened.

ANTIFA, apparently, was routed without a fight, apart from some of them screaming epithets from nearby rooftops and throwing a few things.

Should we take this to mean that ANTIFA has folded up and left the field forever?

Well, historically, that’s almost a total impossibility. Completely unprecedented. Normally, enemy forces have to be either forced into surrender or totally wiped out to even become momentarily pliable insofar as any type of mitigation goes.

So the question becomes, has that happened?

It’s unfortunately a rather resounding “no.” There are enough fragments of ANTIFA lurking on the Internet to give away some extremely portentious and grim indications regarding their future intentions.

First, a spokesperson for the organisation was apparently quoted as having said, “The Russians and Chinese had to purge millions to institute Communism. So will we,” or something of the sort.

Quite apart from being some of the most horrifying self-parody I’ve ever seen in my entire life, the words should send a nasty chill down the spine of any reader when they’re paired with this article, which intimates that ANTIFA operatives are acquiring and training with firearms

So clearly, ANTIFA remains a force in our world. Just as clearly, ANTIFA is turning to darker methods as it begins to meet with defeat after defeat in the face of its opposition.

The Fifth Battle for Berkeley may not have erupted into violence, but you can bet that it is stoking the furnaces for the next confrontation that breaks out. Or the one after that. Or the one after that.

Eventually, this is going to break open, and I personally one-hundred percent believe that someone will be killed. History is unequivocally clear on that point; whenever the population starts to go to war, its tinderbox nature tends to stack and intensify until something sets it off.


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