The Second Battle of Tours

Here it is, friends! We’re finally here at the Second Battle of Tours, which will decide whether France falls to the Muslims or remains Christian, Greco-Roman and European.

Why is it that I cast this election as decision between Islam and not-Islam?

Because it’s the defining feature!

Sure, you could wander around talking about the EU and the Euro and internal spending policy, microeconomics, socialism, whatever, but those aren’t the dominant themes. Why aren’t those the dominant themes even if they’re extremely important?

The simplest reason (and you’re gonna absolutely hate this if you have more than a few brain cells to rub together) is that all the stuff that might actually matter to the administration of a state, its relationship with neighbour states and management of various internal regions and domestic trade between them?

You can’t scream “racist!” at them.

It’s not printable by liberal media outlets, and it can’t create real outrage in a voter base to motivate them against the status quo. That’s politics, these days—you have to base an issue on the screamiest point in a particular platform.

Otherwise, how can the electorate be properly divided, categorised, mocked, and catered to?

I wrote, earlier, a pair of articles you can find here and here about the militant expansionism of Islam. How do we know it was military expansionist? From Mecca, it grew into a particularly virulent warrior cultural—especially on absorbing Arabia—and proceeded to sweep through most of Africa, the Mediterranean and southern Europe, killing, conquering, and forcibly converting all the way up to Constantinople, Vienna, Rome, and Tours in France.

It all culminated in the conquest of Sicily, the Siege of Vienna (where the Belgian barbarian tribes came to aid Vienna and disperse the Muslim horde) and the Battle of Tours, which until recently was widely thought of as one of the most important battles in the history of our world.

In our age of Muslim apologism and appeasement, it is phrased as a battle where a small raiding party of Muslims, overextended, tired, bored, lazy and just generally wending about, were viciously and brutally attacked by French knights. On French soil. While the Muslims were taking French people for slaves and pillaging French resources.

Nevertheless, the French aggression was uncalled for, uncivilised, and REPARATIONS NOW!

The First Battle of Tours, October 10, 732, is thought to have been quite a large battle, with roughly twenty thousand men a side, and apparently wound up with the French knights simply suffering through barrage after barrage by Muslim horse archers before eventually getting sick of it and just charging.

The resulting clash routed the Muslims back to Spain, and eventually they would be pushed all the way back into north Africa in the ruins of the old Vandal kingdoms which would eventually become the Middle East.

The Second Battle of Tours, taking place Sunday May 7th, 2017, is similarly about routing the Muslims back to the Middle-East.

Don’t get confused, though. It’s certainly not about high crime rates among a relatively small number of migrants who cannot be vetted, screened or prevented from entering by EU law. It’s not about tossing off that EU law, which would allow France and its security services to deport whom they like so long as it it is in accordance with French law.

It’s actually about racism and racial purity and ethnocentricism. It certainly isn’t because the French economy, with the anchor of the Euro hanging around its neck and slowly dragging it below the black waves of national efficacy, is being forced to pay millions to support economically useless migrants.

Remember that. It’s not about those things. It’s about racism. You should take special care to remember that Muslims are definitely a race, rather than a set of ideals and ideas which can and should be debated, picked at, and generally treated as rudely as Christian idols have been.

The Second Battle of Tours is an echo. An echo of French knights carelessly and evilly, with Colonialism, Sexism, and Racism on their minds, driving their armoured coursers into undefended, helpless Muslim battle lines which had just finished conquering most of the known world.

In this Second Battle of Tours, I nonetheless urge you to vote Marine Le Pen if you’re French. Just like in the First Battle of Tours, if you don’t…


There might be no France when the smoke clears.



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