The War Is Lost

The French election on May 7, 2017 will be remembered as the crucial tipping point in the fate of the various societies involved. The EU will lumber on, ignorant of the excruciating agony it causes all the people under its dominion, and Islam will continue to corrupt and destroy Western values in the areas therein until they are turned out by force.

I wish there was a nicer way to say that. Maybe you could use the word “compromise,” or the word, “tolerate.” But if you listen to ex-Muslims and people who are within those communities trying to speak out about what the cultural values of the Islamic community are, they say things like this, and this, and this.

The straight fact, obvious to anyone who devotes even a little time and research into investigating whether Islamic and Greco-Roman values are compatible winds up, within about six minutes, with the negative answer. They aren’t. One side will have to fold up and surrender, and Islam seems now far less minded to do so than those of Greco-Roman or Judeo-Christian descent.

It’s a war that has never stopped being fought since an angel tapped Mohammed on the shoulder in the seventh century. It isn’t going to stop until one side is persuaded to surrender entirely, and fanatics tend not to.

The opposite side, of course, is that there are no Christian fanatics left. There are so few Crusader-types running around these days that the whole thing is a joke. There’s no one to defend the side, whereas you can’t find anyone who doesn’t want to give Saladin a nice, long, sloppy word-blow.

It’s a situation that lends itself to a potential occupation and momentary conversions of entire cultures.

That France has caved and chosen the EU with its open borders over its own interests is a sign of this surrender. In a very real way, France was Christianity’s birthplace as a militant force, and now it is falling. The Crusades in reverse—the Battle of Tours going the other way.

Rome falling to Carthage, the Nazis subduing the Continent, the Ottoman Turks sweeping to the Atlantic coast from Constantinople. It all just happened yesterday, and the reason you aren’t reading about it is because the mainstream media is trying to convince you that you are the Nazis, Carthage, or the rapacious Ottoman Turks.

That you deserved to lose this fight because you are a racist.

Well, are you?

No. Racism has a fixed definition. It is not a question of subjective reality. Racism’s definition, and I’ve mentioned this before, has changed and been rewritten to suit the narrative but in my head and in your head, it remains in its non-thought-police format. Racism is knowing, purposeful, and unreasoning prejudice against an identifiable ethnic group. Note that this does not disqualify white people from victimhood.

So what happens next?

My opinion is that there will now erupt a plague of low-level civil wars which will be characterised as chains of reactionary terrorist attacks. See, some people still think of wars in terms of large organised deployments—as though we were still in an era where war was possible on real terms. I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again, war today is persuasion and economic collapse.

The more GDP a state burns to combat its various problems, the closer that state is to losing its war. It does not, in the slightest, matter who, what or how many it is fighting against. It does not matter whether they are internal, or external. It does not matter if the enemy is inside the walls, outside the walls, or straddling the walls on a seesaw and sticking their tongues out.

Does that seem to characterise warfare as any resources expended in any cause other than to create more resources? Why, yes. Welcome to Milton Friedman, whom I thoroughly recommend.

Of course, it was neither him nor I who first thought this way. After all, someone started the War on Communism, Poverty, Drugs, Terrorism, and otherwise. Most of these can be thought of as law enforcement, but whether you’re landing troops on Omaha Beach or training a puppy to eventually become a K9 agent, you’re still expending resources to exert control over behaviour and therefore lessening resources available for re-investment.

So, with our series of low-level civil wars labelled as “terrorist” or “criminal” attacks or “civil unrest,” we will see the communities involved begin to self-segregate into either racially or ethically homogenous gated communities. After that, it’s only a matter of time before raids start.

Where is the government, you ask? Look up how many army and police there actually are. If chaos truly erupts in a more or less random/uniform distribution, there will be no stopping it—only slowing it down. And that costs army and police resources, which will eventually become unable to cope through a process of attrition and a lack of new recruits, who will probably be more interested in serving their gated communities.

As you read this prediction, try to avoid the temptation to think this will happen overnight. We’re talking slow, slow dissolution. Fifty to a hundred years for it to get to this point. The economy should collapse long before then, and perhaps provide the first impetus for those communities and their kernel identities.

In the meantime, since geopolitics is more or less out the window now and whatever is going to happen is now set in stone, this blog will devolve into more of an observational journal than a commenting and persuasive apparatus.

On the upside, that means we can worry about politics a lot less!



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